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How do I connect to our telemedicine provider?

It’s easy, but you’ll need to sign up now. You’ll need to have signed up before you need care so why not do it today?

Telemedicine is provided to you at no cost through our arrangement with Manulife and, by extension, TELUS Health Virtual Health Care. TELUS Health services include diagnoses, prescriptions, referrals and mental health services. This isn’t meant to replace your primary care physician but rather complement his/her services. Doctors aren’t always available when you need them, but TELUS Health is. And for Canadians who don’t have a family doctor, TELUS Health can be a lifeline.

With a secure video and web portal, you can be confident your conversations and images are safe. Call or text. Whatever you’re most comfortable with.

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What’s new?

Not a lot … but given what’s we’re seeing in the news lately, that’s probably a relief. 

Last year we made a number of changes with a focus on directing benefit dollars towards mental health benefits and vision care. We also launched telemedicine and online physiotherapy this summer to better support employees as they seek help balancing work and life. A number of employees have wisely tapped into the supports provided by ComPsych, our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provider, Mind Beacon, for mental wellness, and LifeSpeak, for tips on managing … well … life.  Whether you’re trying to balance home-schooling with work, look after aging parents or just need a little help adjusting to this new normal, HP Canada’s programs are there for you.

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