Ensure your family’s security

Check your beneficiaries

It’s possible that you completed your beneficiary forms a number of years ago. When you’re enrolling, be sure to review the beneficiaries on file.  To make a change, select "Forms > Change of Beneficiary" and follow the steps indicated.  That’s all you need to do.  No more printing, signing or mailing.  If you want to sign and submit a PDF, you still can.  You just don’t have to any more.

Why you should update your beneficiary designations

If the wrong person is on file, or if you have no beneficiary on file, your loved ones could be locked in legal battles, at a time when they’re also dealing with the grief of their loss. If you have no beneficiary listed (and no will), your insurance benefits could be locked up in legal proceedings for years.

Make things easier for the ones you love. Do it today.


Don’t let this happen to your family

Mario recently remarried and is now the proud father of a baby girl. She is beautiful. They named her after his grandmother, Sophia.

Father’s Day rolled around, and he went golfing with some of the other dads in his department. No one expected that the golf ball that hit him in the temple would be fatal, but it was. They called it a freak accident. Everyone was shocked, especially his young family.

His wife was left with so many unanswered questions, as well as unforeseen funeral expenses. As Mario had not updated his will or updated his beneficiary when he remarried, his ex-wife was still on file as the beneficiary. The insurance company had no choice but to pay his ex-wife.

Shortly after, Mario’s widow moved back in with her parents. Sophia’s RESP was drained to pay the funeral expenses and they had nothing left but each other. Who would have thought a little piece of paper could mean so much?

How to update your life insurance and AD&D beneficiaries:

  • Visit Manulife
  • Select "Forms"
  • Select "Change of "Beneficiary"

Follow the steps indicated. There are no longer any forms to print, sign and mail.  If you want to sign and submit a PDF, you still can.  You’ll find the PDF on the site.