If you’re new to HP Canada Co.

You’ve made a great choice. Now it’s time to make a few more choices. Within 30 days of your first day at work you need to make some decisions about your benefits and your retirement and savings. Don’t worry. It’s not difficult. You can get the information you need right here.

Check out the Learn section of this website to learn all about the Flexible Benefits Program. The Retirement & Savings Program Highlights eMag covers your HP Canada Co. Retirement & Savings Program.

When you’ve decided on what’s best for you, select “Enrol/re-enrol” on the Manulife website. Don’t forget to set up your RRSP account with Sun Life, otherwise your contributions will be directed to a non-registered account and you will pay tax on them. Both Manulife and Sun Life will send you a new hire communication 7 to 10 days after your hire date with instructions about how to enrol.

Before you enrol with Manulife, make sure you:

  • Know how the flexible benefits plan and the HP Canada Co. Retirement and Savings Program work;
  • Have decided on the right benefit options for you and your dependents. (Note that you may be asked to provide evidence of your dependents’ eligibility within 60 days of enrolling. This can include marriage certificates, birth certificates, tuition receipts, joint bank account statements, or copies of drivers’ licenses.  If you are required to submit any of these forms, Manulife will send you a separate letter to let you know.)
  • Know which of your eligible dependents you will cover for each benefit;
  • Have decided on your beneficiary(ies) for your employee life and accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) insurance;

When you enrol on the Sun Life site, make sure you:

  • Go to mysunlife.ca. If it’s your first time on the site, you’ll need to register. 
  • Set up your retirement accounts and TFSA.
  • Use the tools on the Sun Life site to determine the optimal savings amount for the retirement lifestyle you want.
  • Determine your investment style or preferences by using the Sun Life online education tools.
  • Select your investment options based on your years until retirement and your comfort with risk.
  • Check that the RRSP limit on the Sun Life site aligns with the one on your Notice of Assessment or last tax return.

New hire

We know things change

That’s why you get the chance to adjust your coverage each year. And if you have a big change in your life – like marriage or the birth of a child – you can change your benefits right away. Learn more the Manulife website.

If you don’t enrol

Then your benefits may not match your needs. HP Canada Co. provides basic default coverage for employees who don’t enrol when they’re first eligible. It includes:

Default benefits:
  • Medical Option 2 – employee only
  • Dental Option 2 – employee only
  • Employee life insurance option 1 – 1 x annual pay for benefits and no spousal or children’s coverage
  • Employee AD&D insurance option 1 – 1 x annual pay for benefits and no spousal or children’s coverage
  • Company-paid long-term disability coverage
  • Unused flex dollars – any remaining flex dollars will be directed into your HCSA account.
  • Your life and AD&D beneficiary will be assigned to Estate
Default retirement:
  • HP Canada's 1% contributions will be directed to a non-registered account with Sun Life Financial in the BGI LifePath Index Segregated Fund, with the target date based on your age
  • You will need to complete an inter-fund transfer if you wish to move these funds to your investment options at a later date
  • Your beneficiary will be assigned to Estate as legislated by the provincial pension benefits acts