Retirement plans for today - and tomorrow

Whether your retirement lies in the near or distant future, careful planning is key.

At HP Canada Co., our commitment is to help you save for retirement through the HP Canada Co. Retirement and Savings Program.

Interactive and fun: Your retirement brochure

Learn all about your HP Canada Co. retirement plans in our interactive brochure. You can browse through the details of the program, skip to a page of interest, quickly search for specific topics, and even click through to read more detailed information. Want a quick overview? Check out this video.

Choosing your investments?

Target date funds make it easy.  Want a quick overview? Check out this video

Ready to change your investments?

You can do it all on the Sun Life website.

Sun Life will keep an eye on your RRSP room

But be sure to update your RRSP contribution room once you receive your annual Notice of Assessment.