What's new?

Not much new for 2022

We made a lot of changes during last year’s enrollment. This year, not so much. In fact, not at all. We’re not making any changes to the plan.  Given what we’ve all been going through over the last year and a half, that’s a good thing. 

More flex dollars to offset price tag increases

Despite not making plan changes, we are adding to your flex dollars. That’s to cover the increases in our price tags. They’ve gone up about 6% and we’re increasing our flex dollars by the same percentage. Those in Medical Options 1 and 2 should see no increase in their payroll deductions; those in Option 3 – our premium plan – should see only a slight increase.

Benefits you can use … maybe even right now

With so many distractions at work, at home and with the changing COVID-19 situation, it’s possible that you missed or just plain forgot about some of the enhancements that we’ve made to our benefits program over the last year. Given that we’ve got nothing really new this year, we thought we’d remind you of these benefits. Is it possible that you could use one of these right now?

  • The vision care reimbursement for Medical Option 2 is $200 every 24 months and Option 3 is $300 every 24 months. Reimbursement amounts are the same for children; however, they are for every 12 months.
  • Mental health reimbursement is $1,200 per person per year for those in Option 2 and is $1,500 per person per year if you’re in Option 3. Practitioners include clinical counsellors, marriage and family therapists, psychoanalysts, psychologists, social workers and psychotherapists. psychologists, social workers and psychotherapists. 
  • Telemedicine, yes, connect in the comfort of your home 24/7. If you need a prescription, referral or mental health services, TELUS Health can help. TELUS Health is offered through Manulife and you’ll need to sign up. Telemedicine isn’t meant to replace your primary care physician but rather complement his/her services. Doctors aren’t always available when you need them, but TELUS Health is. And for Canadians who don’t have a family doctor, TELUS Health can be a lifeline.
  • Virtual physiotherapy through MSK360. If you’re suffering from a bad back, shoulder strain or recovering from an accident, injury or surgery, MSK360 can help. You can book a virtual physiotherapy session on the website site and at preferred rates. Submit any claims just like you do currently.
  • Tax-free Savings Accounts or TFSAs are a great way to add to your savings. With the convenience of payroll deductions and savings that grow tax-free, TFSAs are the perfect vehicle if you have no RRSP contribution room or if you want to put your money aside for any other reason. You can set one up today on the Sun Life Web site.

Virgin Pulse – challenge yourself. Challenge your friends.

You can do it all using the Virgin Pulse mobile app for iOS and Android. Track your healthy activities, like getting fit, eating well, staying hydrated and getting enough sleep. Score points, challenge your friends and earn PulseCash. 

Not signed up yet? What are you waiting for? Go to engage.virginpulse.com/HP. Already a member? Log on at member.virginpulse.com. Questions? Contact Member Services at suppport@virginpulse.com.